Spotting During The First Trimester

Bleeding: Bright red to dark red blood or clots in trickles, gushes or streams.
Spotting: The appearance of small stains of blood which may be bright red to dark brown. Generally speaking, when a woman who is spotting tries to find more blood by wiping herself, no more is present at that time, although more spotting may appear later in the day.

The color of the blood indicates how recently the bleeding occurred.  Bright red bleeding is new bleeding. Dark brown blood is bleeding that occurred awhile ago.

What does spotting during the first trimester mean?

  • Spotting may be coming from high in the uterus – perhaps left over implantation bleeding or even new implantation bleeding
  • It could be from the cervix, which is much more vascular in pregnancy
  • Sex can sometimes cause spotting or bleeding
  • Menstrual breakthrough bleeding, which is slight bleeding during the time that they would normally have their period if they weren’t pregnant

Should I be concerned about spotting?

If you’re worried or have questions, always contact your midwife. If you have spotting, or even bleeding, it doesn’t mean you are having a miscarriage. The further along you are in pregnancy the more your uterus will have to cramp in order to expel it’s contents, therefore bleeding without cramping is rarely a problem. But it’s always nice to get reassurance about your particular situation from your care provider.

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