Hypnobirthing Language

One of the key components in Hypnobirthing is moving away from the medical language of pregnancy and birth and embracing words that invoke natural movement and transition. Below is a list of medical words with the Hypnobirthing alternative following.

Contraction – Surge or Wave
Coach – Birth companion or partner
Catch the baby – receive the baby
Deliver the baby – Birth the baby
Due Date – Birthing time
Water breaks – Release of membranes
Pain – Pressure / Sensation / tightening
Birth canal – Birth path
Pushing – Breathing baby down
Complications – Special circumstances
Mucous plug – Uterine seal
Bloody show – Birth show
Effacing / Dilating – Thinning / Opening
Transition – Near completion
Fetus – Preborn
Neonate – Newborn
Pateints – Parents
False labor – Practice labor

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