Learn Baby Sign Language

Ever wish you knew what your baby was thinking? Are you tired of feeling helpless and frustrated because you can’t understand what your baby wants?

Learning sign language with your baby is simple and you can learn all you need to know in one short session at the Tiny Talkers workshop. Babies who Sign… Are Less Frustrated Resulting in Less Tears & Tantrums Speak Earlier Have Higher IQ’s Develop Larger Vocabularies Become Better Readers Have Enhanced Self Esteem & Confidence Parents who Sign.

Shira Fogel leads full workshops typically lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes and are for parents and caregivers, not the kiddos. Non-mobile babies are welcome if the parents feel they can care for them while concentrating on all of the information that I am providing.  You can read more about what I am offering at my website and I am attaching a brochure for you to review as well.

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